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Utility corridor services


Teranis Staff have worked in utility assessment since the mid '90s, well before contamination was a recognized risk to workers, public safety and a major cost to utility operators.  Overlooked and beyond current environmental regulation, Teranis has independently developed site investigation techniques and novel assessment tools to assist utility owners to assess damage and recover the cost of asset impairment or damage.

We have facilitated major utility owners such as TELUS, BC Hydro, Centra Gas, SaskTel, Terasen (FortisBC) and the Cities of Edmonton and Calgary to assess the nature and degree of chemical damage to various underground services.

Problems Encountered


Contamination of Drinking Water

Destruction of Enamel Coatings

Increased Permeability of PE Sheath

Biological Growth & Accelerated Corrosion of Concrete & Metal Fittings

Contaminated Utility Corridors

Sulphide Production



Worker Health and Safety

Plant Damage - Shortened Lifespan

Contaminant Migration/Discharge to Vulnerable Receptors

Repair Replacement of Infrastructure

Soil/Water Disposal Requirements


Forensic Assessment & Fact Consolidation

Confrontation with Polluter(s)


Cooperation for Remedial Solution

Isolation & Protection


Cost Recovery

Utility Corridor Services
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