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Teranis Consulting Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 by desire of the principals to provide clients with effective consulting services and solutions. Teranis is a scientific and environmental consulting firm specializing in high quality, value added, and professional services in: contaminated site investigation, environmental monitoring, remediation, air quality, risk assessment, project management and other related fields of service.

Distinctly different from larger consulting firms, our approach is to have a small, highly qualified team that provides clients with immediate and extensive experience with capacity to complete projects from cradle to grave.  The expertise of each professional allows Teranis to operate on a relatively flat management structure, so decisions are made quickly and effectively, with input from the principals at all levels.  This structure enables Teranis to partner with other specialists to provide clients additional expert advice.

Alan Lynch B.Sc. (ENS)

Alan is an environmental scientist who has worked in research and consulting since 1988.  He has extensive experience in environmental site investigations (including air, soil and water pollution), remediation, ecological assessment, land use management, environmental education, workplace health and safety, and managing an environmental analytical laboratory.  Alan has been an expert witness in litigious cases where environmental assessment goes beyond applicable regulatory standards, developing cases based on chemical and physical damage.

Lance Hunt, B.Sc., P.Chem.


Lance is a professional chemist who has years of experience in many facets of environmental site investigations, including historical site assessments, field studies, sample collection techniques, contaminated site remediation, water treatment process, air emission studies, analytical data interpretation and technical report writing.

Lance has worked on numerous municipal, provincial and federal jobs and has been involved in hundreds of Phase 1 ESA, Phase 2 ESA, DSI and Remediation projects.

Currently, Lance is involved in conducting environmental site assessments for a number of First Nations. His responsibilities include project management, field investigations, data analysis, project research and developing site remediation strategies.

Ian Collings, B.Sc, P.Chem., C.Chem.,MRSC

Ian is a Registered Professional Chemist with the Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia (ACPBC) and is also a charted Chemist with the Royal Society of Chemistry.  Ian has more than 30 years of experience working as a laboratory chemist, laboratory manager and private and public sector consultant involved in the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. Ian focuses on providing consulting services to First Nation communities, assisting Nations throughout BC to assess the environmental condition of their lands under the Federal First Nations Land Management Act.

Neale Hunt, B.Sc.,P.Chem.


Neale is a professional chemist with over 10 years of experience in environmental chemistry. He is experienced in several aspects of federal, provincial and municipal environmental site investigations; including Stage 1 and Stage 2 investigations, detailed site investigations, site remediation and air quality investigations. His background as a chemical analyst, working both within the laboratory and on site, has provided expertise in field investigation and sample analysis design, analytical data interpretation and development of remedial strategies. Neale is responsible for coordination and supervision of field operations, site investigations, development and implementation of data analysis tools, and technical report writing.

Jordan Wu, B.Sc. (Hons)

Jordan is an honours graduate of UBC's Freshwater Science program with a minor in Chemistry.  His studies focused on physical hydrogeology, aqueous and environmental chemistry, and geographic information systems (GIS). Two years of his time at UBC was spent as a research assistant and supervised researcher for groundwater-surface water interaction and regional water resources studies and a geospatial groundwater well assessment.  Since joining Teranis in early 2015, he has completed several environmental site investigations, soil quality investigations, surface water and groundwater monitoring programs, and fuel spill investigations.

Jordan most recently completed sampling for a Phase 2 ESA at Soowahlie First Nation, and DSI for the Kitasoo/Xai'xais Nation.

Jordan White, B.Sc. (Hons.), EPt., CAPM

Jordan is a graduate of UBC's Earth and Environmental Sciences program in which he received Honours distinction. Post-graduation he gained experience in hydrogeological consulting on several mining, groundwater production, and contaminated sites projects. Since joining Teranis in 2013, Jordan has completed numerous environmental site investigations, fuel spill investigations, soil vapour investigations, remediation projects, and groundwater monitoring programs. 

Andrew Kuiper, B.Sc.,B.I.T.

Andrew is a Biologist in Training with the College of Applied Biology with a background in reclamation and has more than 5 Years of experience in the environmental field. Andrew has worked on numerous environmental investigations throughout the province, spanning from Phase/Stage 1 through to remediation as well as emergency spill response, fill site monitoring and has acted as an environmental monitor for construction projects.

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