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mercury assessment abatement

Mercury Assessment & Abatement

Teranis has developed unique monitoring and remedial strategies to address mercury contamination for clients including Canadian Coast Guard, smelters, Museums, BC Gas (Terasen, FortisBC) and Imperial Oil.  Teranis has also developed training programs for Hazmat teams and contractors to ensure exposure to mercury vapour is assessed and mitigated.

mercury assessment abatement

Mercury is a heavy metal that remains liquid at room temperature, although, readily produces mercury vapour at this temperature.  As a vapour, mercury can be hazardous to human health and lethal at elevated concentrations.  As a vapour, mercury can migrate and condence on new surfaces, spreading contamination. Small amounts of elemental mercury can generate considerable vapour concentrations that present as an exposure concern.

Teranis has undertaken numerous mercury assessment and monitoring projects.  From this extensive experience, Teranis has developed specialized mitigation techniques to suppress mercury vapour formation, and implemented remedial solutions that prevent the spread of mercury contamination.

mercury assessment and abatement
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