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forensic air quality assessment

Forensic Air Quality Assessment

Chemical and particle speciation can enable the identification and apportionment of impacts to ambient air quality from multiple source emissions. Teranis has utilized forensic techniques for the assessment of total particulate, PM10 and PM 2.5' particle speciation (metals, PAHs, mineralogy, particle distribution), and odour emissions.

indoor air quality assessment IAQ

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment

Grab sampling and/or continuous monitoring for a wide variety of common physical, biological and microbial and chemical parameters within an office or work environment can be used to identify the cause of poor indoor air quality or investigate the cause of "sick building syndrome" complaints.  Maintaining a healthy work environment can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Occupational Health and Safety Air Monitoring

Teranis staff have performed numerous occupational exposure assessments for a wide variety of airborne contaminants, including asbestos, total particulate, respirable particulate, metals (including elemental/vapour phase mercury),solvents, fuels, solvents and PAHs. Sites include smelters, laboratories, construction sites, office environments and chemical production and distribution facilities. 

Occupational health and safety air monitoring
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