At Teranis we provide specialized and conventional environmental services involving water, land and air. We are a consultancy distinguished by the strong scientific background of our founding partners. Our knowledge and experience allow us an approach markedly different than other, engineering-oriented, firms.

Our motto is "Practising the Art of Science"; working from first principals, our science-based approach allows us to explore both long-standing and emerging environmental challenges. Through this, we can offer our clients workable solutions they trust.

We also provide expert testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants during environmental lawsuits in the Supreme Court of Canada and Provincial Courts of British Columbia and Ontario.

What we do

Teranis "Practises the Art of Science" to provide value-added and specialized scientific services in the field of environmental consulting. To obtain a more detailed understanding of the services we provide, the approach we bring to projects, and our areas of expertise, please visit the following links.

Case studies

We work on issues dealing with all forms of environmental media, including land, air, sediment and water. Our completed projects demonstrate our proven record of responsive and technically superior services.


Teranis offers a strong team of experienced Principals and a highly qualified technical staff you can trust. People with strong academic performances and extensive project experience in the field of environmental and scientific consulting in western Canada.